Our Mission

The Saint Lawrence Seaway Pilots Association, founding in 1962, is dedicated to maintaining and promoting the safety of navigation on the waters of the Saint Lawrence Seaway from St. Regis, NY to Port Weller, Ontario including every port and harbor in between. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable pilots continue to diligently serve the public's interest, industry and stakeholders, the pristine environment and its critically precious resource as the largest body of freshwater in the world. When the margin for error can be measured in inches, our success is predicated on operating flawlessly.

We accomplish this through intimate knowledge of local conditions, unique understanding of operations and procedures inherent to our pilotage, and extensive experience with all types of vessels and crews of every nationality. Our pilots bridge the gap where standardization of training and education stops and true mastery and proficiency in the art of ship handling and the science of navigation begins.